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NYC Open Sensor Network Workshop

Where’s the data? Technology has progressed to the point that we as citizens with concerns or interests can leverage open source hardware and software together with cloud platforms like Pachube to quickly and cheaply build the systems we need to get the data we want. It’s time we put theory into practice and come together as a community to produce a project which illustrates the possibilities available to us. Toward this end, a day-long workshop was organized at Eyebeam that brought together a group of people with different skillsets – some technical, some creative, some with domain expertise – who developed ideas (and an implementation plan) for an open sensor network to be deployed within New York City.

The day began with a series of presentations from Usman Haque (founder of Pachube, Haque Design + Research), Mark Shepard (2011-12 Eyebeam Fellow), Tim Dye (Airnow.gov), and Dirk Swart (Wicked Device) that focused on the conceptual and technical challenges associated with air quality monitoring and crowd-sourced data collection. Following this participants self-organized into four groups that spent the afternoon developing design concepts for an air quality sensor network for New York City. The day culminated with presentations from each team and the development of an action plan for building the network based on a synthesis of the ideas generated by the teams.

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